Are you considering a new career as a driving instructor?

We have a 100% pass rate training ADI's!


All of us at Drive like a Boss love being Driving Instructors, we absolutely love what we do! None of us can imagine having a career doing anything different!

That doesn’t mean it is always easy, it can be a challenging role at times. As with all careers, it can have its highs and its lows…..we don’t want to make it out to be totally idyllic! However, it does have to be one of the most rewarding jobs there is out there….Knowing that you have helped someone gain a life skill that gives them independence and opening up doors and opportunities for them is total job satisfaction!

Most of our instructors have been trained by us, the majority of the instructors within our team have been trained by Donna. Many have undertaken all 3 parts of their training with us from the beginning. Others have come to us part way through their training, often due to not being satisfied with the training they were receiving elsewhere... dont take our word for it, read the reviews!

We are now very lucky to have a fantastic team of trainers with an excellent background and reputation amongst our training team.


Owner of Drive like a Boss, Donna has now helped nearly 40 instructors to qualify to become ADI’s. Donna helps out with everyone’s training over seeing and supporting every part 2 & part 3 test that takes place.


Wendy got an excellent Grade A on her standards check making her an ideal trainer for those looking to become ADI’s. Wendy also specialises in teaching learners with additional needs.

We are able to train you from scratch should you be at the very beginning of your journey towards become a driving instructor, or we can step in and support you if you have already started with another company. It may be that you want more support, a second opinion or even just some extra input in conjunction with your current training

We currently have a 100% pass rate when it comes to training instructors and helping them to become fully qualified, with several passing their tests on their first attempt!

I came to Donna for training to be a driving instructor when I had previously been with another driving school, I felt like the training wasn’t sufficient and I wasn’t getting anywhere with them. When I started training with Donna I also decided to go on a trainee licence with the driving school, which has also been brilliant. She went above and beyond to help me pass and give me the confidence that I needed to pass both parts 2 & 3. Her training was brilliant and effective, she would always fix mistakes I made and steer me in the right direction. I would 100% recommend Donna to anyone wanting to train in this career.

Leanna Da Silva - Now a fully qualified manual instructor for Drive like a Boss - Passed February 2020


There are 3 parts to the qualifying process to becoming a driving instructor.

When you have been accepted to start the qualifying process by the DVSA, you can start your training towards the three ADI tests. These are known as:

Part One: Theory Test

Part Two: Practical Driving Test

Part Two: Instructional Ability Test

You have to pass the tests in this order, and the part 2 and 3 tests have to be passed within a two year period from when you passed part 1. Once these are all completed, you can then join the ADI register as an Approved Driving Instructor.


You may choose to take the route of going on a Trainee licence. The DVSA will issue this licence to you, it is a provisional license to ‘teach for reward’.

This means that you can gain experience as a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) and begin giving actual lessons. This is an extremely effective way of honing your skills in instructional ability ahead of your part three test. It also means that you can start to make a living as a driving instructor.

Your trainee licence is valid for six months, and you will continue to receive 20 hours of in-car training whilst on the trainee licence prior to your part three test. On passing the test you can apply to be added to the DVSA register of approved driving instructors.


Drive like a Boss is able to support you however you decide to undertake your training to become an ADI. We can sponsor you and support you on a trainee licence, many of our current Instructors have undertaken training in this way.

We do not charge you any money up front, and all the training we provide is pay as you go, so you only pay for what you need and when you need it.

If you would like more information on training to becoming a driving instructor, or information about joining our team, please call us on 0345 067 8055 or call or message Donna 07822 000397.

You can also email us on