Testimonials from our passed learners, Instructors who have trained with us and Instructors within Drive like a Boss.


I would highly recommend Michele, she was an amazing instructor. Calm, patient and very funny. I definitely struggled at the start , but she kept pushing me and with her constant support and kindness I was able to pass.

Anjuli Swift

I cannot recommend Wendy enough! Having been under another driving school previously who did not motivate me or make me feel as though I could get to practical stage. Wendy took me on and was so understanding and helpful in helping me master the manoeuvres which I struggled with beforehand, together with basis care control. Amazing value for money, Great customer service and a real sense of pride. Today I passed my practical test on the first time and in just 3 months with Wendy.

Jack Pallister

Would highly recommend Pete, passed first time with him and can’t fault his teaching at all, by far the best instructor I have had!

Tegan Hughes

Thank you Paula for helping my 17 year old son pass his test first time! Your patience, friendliness and calm approach to instructing him helped him iron out some bad habits he had picked up from us, while learning to drive during lockdown, giving him the self confidence and belief that he could do it. You have been so accommodating to fit round his work schedule which he really appreciated. We’ve been so impressed with your friendly professionalism that we’d like to book our daughter in for 2023 please!

Harry’s Mum

I just recently passed with Carl! Can’t thank him enough for getting me to where I needed to be for my test. If you are looking for a driving school I cannot recommend these guys enough!

Shane Vincent

Thanks to Russ and his amazing efforts, I got a first time pass with only 5 minors! I was able to squeeze in lots of lessons in 3 weeks, this helped me so much. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, calm but firm. He helped me become better every lesson, thank you Russ I would definitely highly recommend you to anyone!!

Nakeal Gill

I’ve passed my test on the first attempt with 0 minors! It has been amazing learning with Jaz & she has helped me a lot in correcting my driving & also calming my nerves, It was a pleasure having her as my instructor.

Sara Nina Shahruddin - Bedford

Donna is just amazing! I was more nervous than my daughter, but Donna put meat ease. I went out on a lesson as a backseat passenger, Donna was so accommodating and willing to help us help Louisa in her own car, it really helped being able to go along in the back for one of Louisa’s lessons. It helped me to see how confident and relaxed Donna was in Louisa’s driving, this helped me feel better about taking Louisa out myself. Donna gave Louisa great confidence; she passed her test first time with just 2 driver faults and in less than 3 months too!

Nicola (Louisa Sexton’s Mum) – Bedford

Passed first time with no minors thanks to my brilliant instructor Shin! I couldn’t be happier to have had Shin as my teacher, I’m quite a nervous/anxious person and he was absolutely great at working to improve my overall hesitance that I had until it was non-existent.  Thank you so much!!

Molly Hill – Bedford

Karl has been an amazing instructorfor me since day1. Always worked around my busy schedule and managed to fit me in. Helped me lose a lot of bad habits and could answer every question I asked. Really helpful and a lovely person to talk to whilst having lessons. Cheers Karl. 

Evan Inskip - Bedford

I recently passed my practical test with Sam. Sam was recommended to me by a mate who also passed with her, and she has been absolutely fantastic over the course of having lessons with her. I always looked forward to my lessons, she is lots of fun and a great instructor. Definitely recommend Sam to anyone wanting to go into their test with confidence.

Charlie March - Leighton Buzzard

I learned to drive with Richard and he was phenomenal! An outstanding teacher, he was patient, encouraging and a very funny person to drive with. Richard’s knowledge of the road is expert and he was great at explaining correct practices, helpful tips and hypothetical scenarios that might occur while driving. I’m so thankful for Richards great teaching and will miss my drives with him!

Sam Nason - Kettering

So today I passed my driving test first time! I honestly never thought I’d get here but thanks to Lisa, she made it all possible. From our very first introductory call she was very accommodating to my working schedule, explained the process and I knew from there that she would be the one to get me through my driving. I started my journey last year and even though lockdowns, Lisa sent me links to keep my learning going. She has been an incredible instructor, professional understanding and helpful for whatever weird and wonderful questions I threw at her. Thank you for everything. Highly recommend.

Shaunna O’Hara - Kettering

Gavin is a great instructor! He’s very friendly and easy to talk to, he also made sure he explained everything in a way that I understood it. I was afraid of using the clutch to begin with, but he made sure I was comfortable using it. He’s very patient and its honestly kind of like a friend teaching you how to drive. Most importantly he never gave up on me and ive now passed.

Bruno Da Silva - Bedford

My driving instructor Sarah has been amazing! I had many other instructors from different companies but found this one and Sarah to be the best. They are 100% professional, they encourage you and are patient. Plus my instructor and I always found time for a good laugh. I didn’t think anyone could get me to pass, but Sarah did! Thank you guy’s, keep up the good work. Thanks to Donna as well.

Orchid - Bedford

Such a wonderful experience with this driving school. My instructor Jordan couldn’t have been better; endless amounts of Patience, extremely accommodating and he really helped me feel supported in all areas of my learning. I feel that Jordans knowledge and teaching methods have not only helped me to pass my test but also to drive confidently after, I was able to take my test feeling prepared and positive and could not praise Jordan enough for making this possible! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, Melissa.

Melissa Stapleton - Leighton Buzzard

Silke has the perfect mix of knowledge and teaching ability, whilst still being light hearted and fun to learn with. I never felt pressure with Silke and she as fantastic at building my confidence as a driver. She was also willing to go the extra mile to help me as I neared my test date. There is nothing more I could have asked for.

Alex Jones - Bedford


How our Instructors feel being part of Drive like a Boss

Well I’m stunned! A full diary in less than 2 weeks…..very happy!!

Carl - Automatic instructor Bedford - Joined May 2021

I joined the team in 2016 after being with one of the large national companies. Donna supported me with my standards check, I was delighted to achieve a grade A. The standard of training was high, it motivated me and improved my confidence. 5 years on, I definitely made the right decision joining this team of instructors!

Wendy - Manual instructor Bedford & Flitwick - Joined 2016

When I'm asked what it's like being an Instructor with Drive Like A Boss the answer is simple ....brilliant! After starting my training with another major driving school and feeling somewhat disillusioned I was recommended to contact Donna and after an initial meeting,  I could see why she had been recommended.  The training was excellent from the start, from support on my Trainee licence to qualifying and 4 years later I'm proud to say I'm still part of this great team ! So what makes our Team so great? Easy . No question is ever ignored, no support ever refused. The team have become great friends and we enjoy many social gatherings as well as meetings to discuss industry specific questions and concerns. Coffee is a pretty big deal here at Drive like a Boss, so we tend to have a lot of catch ups at the local coffee establishments!I truly believe we are all passionate about what we do, I wouldn’t want to be part of any other team!

Michele - Manual instructor Bedford & St Neots - Joined 2017

After I qualified as an ADI in 2011 I was with a national franchise and didn’t feel I was getting value for money.I got chatting to Donna at the test centre soon after she started setting up Duke & Duchess and we agreed to chat further once my contract came to an end.That was the best decision I could have made. I was the new guy and as the 5th member of the team everyone else had more experience than me. The chats, social gatherings and general support helped me no end, sometimes just being told I was doing fine was all it needed, it can be a lonely job with no one to bounce ideas off.Over 9 years later and I’m one of the experienced ones and it’s my turn to help and support the newer instructors while still receiving great support from Donna and others with all manner of things including standards check training and support.It is brilliant being part of the team and as we move on to the next chapter as Drive Like A Boss I can wholeheartedly say that this is the place to be, either as an instructor or as a learner working to get their full licence.

Karl - Manual instructor Bedford & Ampthill - Joined 2012

Most instructors join a franchise to ensure they have lots of students and a full diary. Most companies never live up to their promises. I joined Donna back in 2012.I was the first fully qualified instructor to join them.  I have never been short of students, Donna has always looked after me and personally ensured my diary is full. She understands my diary and me and I could not ask for any more.Drive like a Boss offers so much more than most driving schools, guess that’s why I am still here 😀

Shin - Manual instructor Bedford & Kempston - Joined 2012


Read experiences from PDI’s who have trained with us over the years

Four years ago, with a mix of excitement and trepidation I contacted Donna to arrange my son’s first driving lesson. In next to no time he was heading out on his own with a first time pass and a great learning experience. When my own career aspirations changed, and I decided to look into becoming an ADI, there was no question who I should contact. 37 years and well over a million miles of driving in my previous career meant there were more than a few bad habits to overcome before moving onto my part 3. There were times when I thought I would never ‘get it’ but there was never a time when it wasn’t fun. Donna’s level of experience and commitment means that she instinctively knows what style & approach is required for a given situation and she continually strives to make positive progress.  With a respectable first time part 3 pass under my belt, and a new driving school car, Donna is still providing support at the end of the phone, or over coffee! I’m now working for the driving school with a full diary of students. If you’re seeking to follow the same journey, do contact Donna, you’ll get great local support from someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and who continue to produce great results for all her students, young & old.

Russ - Now a fully qualified manual instructor for Drive like a Boss - Passed December 2019

Donna went all out in assisting me to become a fully qualified driving instructor, when the previous company I had used had let me down. I couldn’t have got through it without her! She is patient and will go out of her way to help build your confidence and work with you for the desired outcome! Donna makes training fun and not a chore and tailors your training needs to you!

Sam Simms - Now a fully qualified manual instructor for Drive like a Boss - Passed January 2020

I came to Donna for training to be a driving instructor when I had previously been with another driving school, I felt like the training wasn’t sufficient and I wasn’t getting anywhere with them. When I started training with Donna I also decided to go on a trainee licence with the driving school, which has also been brilliant. She went above and beyond to help me pass and give me the confidence that I needed to pass both parts 2 & 3. Her training was brilliant and effective, she would always fix mistakes I made and steer me in the right direction. I would 100% recommend Donna to anyone wanting to train in this career.

Leanna Da Silva - Now a fully qualified manual instructor for Drive like a Boss - Passed February 2020

Donna is a patient and knowledgeable trainer who was one of my biggest cheerleaders. Always there with advice or just a shoulder to moan on when I was unsure whether this was the right path for me.

Lisa Gostellow - Now a fully qualified automatic instructor for Drive like a Boss - Passed February 2020

I was looking for a career change, my Dad who is also an instructor for the school suggested I talk to Donna about becoming a driving instructor. I passed all 3 parts with Donna’s support, my part 2 on the first attempt and with only 1 fault, and my part 3 on my 2nd attempt. I cannot recommend Donna enough, she was extremely dedicated to helping me with all aspects, including putting to bed any doubts I had about being self employed. She is a fantastic trainer who is always smiling, but is also not afraid to tell some home truths when they need telling. Always been on the end of the phone whenever I have had any questions, I could not have done this without her!! I’m now a full time member of Drive like a Boss, and have felt at home ever since I joined the team.

Gavin Howson - Now a fully qualified manual instructor for Drive like a Boss - Passed September 2020

I had been thinking about becoming a driving instructor for the last 17 years, but the timing was never right… 2019 I decided to give it a go and I found Donna! What can I say, Donna is an absolutely amazing trainer who has knowledge, advice and patience in abundance. I’m not sure if there is anything she doesn’t know about procedure, rules & regulations – she was with me every step of the way with support no matter what time of day or night. Donna gave up her time willingly & just wanted the best for me, I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you Donna, for giving me the courage to finally achieve my dream.

Sarah Jones - Now a fully qualified automatic instructor for Drive like a Boss - Passed October 2020

All that needs to be said is….if you are thinking of training (or re-training) to become a driving instructor then you have arrived at the right place. I have done all of my training with Donna and passed all three stages1st time! Some hard work on my part, in partnership with a fantastic trainer! Donna is a fabulously patient, understanding, encouraging and supportive person who really does bring out the best in you. Get in touch – you won’t regret it!

Paula Brown - Now a fully qualified manual driving instructor for Drive like a Boss - Passed September 2020