When you pass your driving test you don’t just get a certificate and a pink licence. You get freedom, independence and a skill for life.

We have had driving instructors in Flitwick for many years conducting driving lessons in your area building an excellent reputation. Our team of both male and female instructors in your area will tailor the driving lessons specifically towards your needs and learning style.

Redborne Upper school is extremely familiar to us, we understand that our learners who attend the school need our instructors to accommodate a 2 week timetable that differs each week depending on whether it is week a or week b. Drive like a Boss also very proudly sponsors the girls football team at Redborne Upper school.


In Flitwick, you will find a number of quiet residential areas with wide roads that are great for the first stages of learning to drive. Both Flitwick and Ampthill have roads that can also challenge you, particularly the tighter more narrow roads in Ampthill. You also get the opportunity to experience lots of rural driving on the country roads that surround the area, and lead into Maulden. There are lots of roads to practice the manoeuvres and get confident with your reversing, together with the big car park at the Flitwick leisure centre to perfect your parking!

When you are ready for the faster roads there are a number of roads we use, including the A6 and the B530 which are both national speed limit roads that take you to Bedford. There is also the A421 to practice slip roads and dual carriageways.