Are you an ADI or PDI looking for a great team to work alongside?

Join us and you will receive the following:

A highly competitive franchise fee of £60 per week

3 franchise free weeks per year

Inclusion into our profit share scheme

Guaranteed students, you don’t pay a franchise fee until you have reached a target number of learners

No student referral fees or limits

Top Box of your choice or car graphics provided by us

Should you suffer mechanical breakdown, and be off the road you pay no franchise fee for the time you are off the road

All business stationery including progress cards and business cards

Call handling of all enquires

Branded polo shirt and fleece available

Free access to the Total Drive diary management system for you and your students

Free access to Theory test Pro for your students

Continued professional development and training

Free Standards check training and support, as many hours as you want

Assistance with marketing to help you build your business

Regular socials including a Christmas party and a summer BBQ

A very friendly team of instructors who are always on hand to offer support.

No contract

No discounted introductory offers for learners

I believe our franchise fee gives excellent value for money. We are probably one of the most competitively priced driving schools within the local area, our franchise fee is £50 per week. You can choose to pay monthly or weekly….. and it does include quite a lot!

All instructors get 3 weeks franchise free every year, this can be taken whenever you like. If you don’t take all 3 weeks within the 12 months you will have the money equivalent refunded back to you at Christmas. Franchise free weeks run from January – December and are worked out on a pro rata basis should you join us mid-way through the year.


We offer a profit share to acknowledge and reward the driving instructors for their commitment and loyalty to the driving school. We recognise that to operate a successful driving school the most important asset is the driving instructors. We want the best instructors, and undertsand that to attract and retain the best we need to offer more within our franchise! To ensure that the profit share is fair and really does reward loyalty, there is a 2 year qualifying period. Provided you have been with Drive like a Boss for 2 years you will receive a share of the profits, every year that you remain a DLAB instructor!

The more successful we are as a driving school, the greater the reward for all!

Drive like a Boss is a new name for a very well known and successful driving school that originated in Bedford. As we enter into a new and exciting phase of our journey we are offering any driving instructor who joins us between now and April 2022 the opportunity to automatically qualify for the next profit share payout, without needing to complete the 2 year qualifying period.

Unlike many larger driving schools, students are guaranteed, you don’t pay a franchise fee until you have reached an agreed number of learners in your diary. Basically, you don’t start paying a franchise fee until you are making money! There are no student referral fees or limits on the number of students you can take.

Not all driving instructors want driving school stickers stuck all over their cars, especially if you use your car for personal use too, so you don’t have to. It is your choice whether to have decals on the car, or a top box. You also have the option of a streamlined top box. Whatever option you choose, Drive like a Boss pays, not you.


Drive like a Boss subscribes to Total Drive so that you don’t have to. All our instructors can use the Total Drive app if they want to.

Total Drive is a dedicated app for driving instructors and their students. Manage lessons through the diary, record each students progress, payments, reflective logs and driving details, it also sends lesson reminders to your learners automatically 48 hours before their lessons. You don’t have to do anything!

We still have paper progress cards for instructors who would prefer to use pen & paper to keep their student records. We provide all stationery including progress cards and business cards.


All learners who haven’t passed their theory test get added to Theory test pro. There is no cost to the student, it is a little extra bonus for you to offer your learners, it also provides an incentive to both students and parents to choose Drive like a Boss over other driving schools.

We don’t have replacement vehicles, but should your car be off the road for a mechanical breakdown, we will stop your franchise fee whist your car is off the road for more than 24 hours.

We do all our own training, most of our instructors have been trained within the driving school, both to become an ADI in the first place and then for further training to prepare for the standards checks. You can have as many hours training as you like for your standards check, there is no charge it’s included in your franchise fee!.

When I'm asked what it's like being an Instructor with Drive Like A Boss the answer is simple ....brilliant! After starting my training with another major driving school and feeling somewhat disillusioned I was recommended to contact Donna and after an initial meeting,  I could see why she had been recommended.  The training was excellent from the start, from support on my Trainee licence to qualifying and 4 years later I'm proud to say I'm still part of this great team ! So what makes our Team so great? Easy . No question is ever ignored, no support ever refused. The team have become great friends and we enjoy many social gatherings as well as meetings to discuss industry specific questions and concerns. Coffee is a pretty big deal here at Drive like a Boss, so we tend to have a lot of catch ups at the local coffee establishments!I truly believe we are all passionate about what we do, I wouldn’t want to be part of any other team!

Michele - Manual instructor Bedford & St Neots - Joined 2017


Our team of instructors are all only a message away for anyone who needs any support, advice or just a laugh! We have a dedicated chat page that all of our instructors can access. Sometimes the chat is serious and work related, other times we are having a fun quiz, chat and banter. There is always someone on hand to lighten the mood or offer some words of wisdom.

We love going out, we do try to socialise as much as we can, some instructors more than others. You can take it or leave it depending on what you want to get out of being part of the school. Not many people tend to miss the Xmas party though...

I believe that our driving school is different to most. We are a team of instructors that have become great friends. We support one another, have coffee with each other and enjoy time together.


Decisions made within Drive like a Boss are made by all of us. Everything is a team decision; input is taken from everyone who wants to voice an opinion and put their point across. The most important consideration is that all the instructors feel involved and listened to and are a part of any decision - making processes we go through. Our instructors can be involved as much or as little as they want, it is your choice!

We have regular social get togethers, sometimes these might just be a morning meeting in costa for those who can make it, sometimes like during the pandemic we will arrange zoom meetings and chats to discuss what is happening locally or within the industry. Since 2012 we have had a Christmas party and a summer BBQ every year (except 2020 due to the pandemic) for all the instructors and their families. The fundamental understanding is that a driving school can only be great, if it has great instructors and I believe it’s vital to show appreciation to all of the instructors for their hard work and dedication to Drive like a Boss.

Due to high demand we are currently looking for manual driving instructors in Bedfordshire.

We are also interested in speaking to instructors and those wanting to train to become and driving instructor in the following areas:

If you would like to have a chat about joining us, please get in touch with Donna 07747322231 or donna@drivelikeaboss.co.uk

Ampthill & Flitwick - both manual and automatic instructors

Leighton Buzzard - both manual & automatic instructors

Letchworth & Hitchin - both manual & automatic instructors

Kettering- both manual & automatic instructors

Northampton - both manual & automatic instructors

St Neots - both manual & automatic instructors