Drive like a Boss are delighted to be working with schools providing our Young Driver programme to students in years 11, 12 & 13.


The sessions are designed to highlight the responsibility that a learner driver accepts once they sign their provisional driving licence and decide to embark on their driving lessons and a lifetime of driving.

We strike a balance between, information, responsibility, consequences and fun.


We present an assembly to the students which tackles safe driving and the dangers of drink and drugdriving, incorporating accidents and situations and lives that have been affected by car accidents. We look at the consequences of speeding and the importance of seatbelts, how accidents are never intended but how a few moments of distraction, carelessness and speed can be devastating!

Within our team of instructors, we are extremely lucky to have a serving firefighter and a blue light driving instructor who trains drivers of emergency vehicles. These individuals bring insight into real life situations and are great at answering questions, dealing with emergency vehicles and the equipment used when the fire service is called to roadside collisions.

The assembly is very powerful, it is designed to make students think about the consequences of their actions and is a reminder that learning to drive is a responsibility that we all undertake every time we start a journey.


Where schools & colleges have the facilities, we bring several of our cars into the school which can include manual & automatic vehicles. We cover the basics of moving off and stopping, steering and basic manoeuvring of the vehicle. We normally do this in groups of 3 students. We make these sessions fun, tailoring each session to the student who is in the driving seat, depending on their confidence and any previous driving experience they might have. This is an important part of the session, its important to strike the balance between the responsibility of driving a vehicle combined with the enjoyment and opportunity that having a driving licence gives you.

Previously we have conducted the practical sessions on school tennis courts and also school car parks, we would need to assess the space available to see how many cars we can safely use. Our instructors are all insured to teach young drivers from the age of 15 within off road environments.


We have fun techniques, to make the sessions enjoyable and encourage teenagers to question and explore.

Ideally these sessions are best suited to students who are 16 - 17 years of age, those in Year 12. Although we have delivered it to year 11 students and also slightly adapted the sessions for a school who wanted to focus purely on year 13 students.


We often find learners are inquisitive about whether to learn to drive in an automatic or manual car. If there is enough time we can offer the students the opportunity to look at both transmissions.


All of our instructors are very passionate about delivering this topic, encouraging safe driving and making the roads safer for the next generation of drivers is the reason we all became driving instructors!