At Drive Like A Boss we supply you with the study material you will require to pass the theory test, this is free of charge to all of our learners.


The DVSA Theory Test is designed to help you ‘Read the Road’ and it has 2 elements: The first is multiple choice questions and the 2nd is the hazard perception element.


You must pass your Theory test before you can book your practical driving test. You may however start your driving lessons before you have passed your theory test, in fact this is positively encouraged as it means you can put what you are learning theoretically into practical terms. This will hopefully give you a better understanding of what you are learning and relate it to the practical road environment. You will also have your driving instructor to ask any questions, should you come across anything whilst studying your theory that you do not understand.

We offer every learner who hasn’t passed their theory test, free access to Theory test pro, a digital learning platform with browser and APP. Your driving instructor will be able to talk to you more about theory test Pro and arrange for you to access it.

You can learn more about the DVSA theory test here :

and take a mock test for theory and hazard perception here :