In Kettering, the driving routes include a number of tricky urban features such as multi-lane roundabouts.

These routes contain all the usual requirements of independent driving for your test, as well as reversing manoeuvres.

When it comes to moving on to higher speed roads, you’ll get used to dual carriageway driving on the ideally located A14. Many of the Kettering test routes include this road so you’ll be familiar with the road when it comes to doing your test.

Our driving instructors ensure that all of our learners are prepared to face the challenges beyond just your driving test. We’ll provide you with the skills for your future as an independent and safe driver.


When you come to take your test, you’ll head to the driving test centre in Kettering, located on Orion Way in the Business Park. Featuring a mixture of urban and rural routes, the driving test is designed to test the skills you’ve developed during your lessons.

Kettering’s test centre had a very healthy pass rate of 50.9% between April 2018 and March 2019. And, when you learn with our experienced instructors, you’ll be prepared to tackle your test and succeed.

Our driving instructors in Kettering know the area well and will make sure you’ve had all of the relevant practice on the test routes before taking you to the test centre.