When you pass your driving test you don’t just get a certificate and a pink licence. You get freedom, independence and a skill for life.

So, if you’re looking to gain independence with driving lessons in Pickering or Malton, Drive like a Boss is the driving school for you! We help you to learn at your own pace with lessons tailored specifically for you.

We are very lucky to have an excellent manual instructor in the area, her name is Silke, she has some lovely reviews that have been posted by her previous students.

Silke is calm, friendly and patient, and has an excellent way of explaining and describing what is needed when it comes to learning to drive.

We use the latest teaching methods, ensuring you learn at your pace, tailored to your style of learning. You will be guided through the whole process of learning to drive together with help to get you ready for your driving test.

Due to the location there is many rural routes for you to practice on, to begin with you will use the quieter nursery routes to practice car control and improve your confidence. You will get experience driving around the towns of Pickering and Malton, also using these areas to work on your reversing manoeuvres.

Silke will ensure that you are prepared for the face the challenges beyond your driving test. You will gain the skills for your future as an independent and safe driver.


When you come to take your test, you are most likely to head to the driving test centre in Scarborough, located on Cayton Low Road, YO11 3BY . Featuring a mixture of urban and rural routes, the driving test is designed to test the skills you’ve developed during your lessons.

The test centre has an above average pass 51.6% 2019 -2020.